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    How Long Should I Charge My Blaster Upon Purchase?

    At least 4 hours for a Surge but we always recommend overnight charging upon the purchase of a new blaster.

    How do I hydrate my Gellets®?

    Hydrating your Gellets is easy!

    • Pour the Gellets into your Gellet Depot or a 1 gallon / 4 Litre container.
    • Add 1 gallon / 4 Litres of water per 1 pack of Gellets.
    • Wait a minimum of 2 hours for your Gellets to grow!
    • Strain your Gellets and have a BLAST!

    Failing to completely hydrate your Gellets® may cause the Gel Blaster to function poorly. Overnight soaking is recommended.

    **Note**:Gellets® will expand 10x their size. Make sure you use a big enough container and plenty of water. A 1 gallon bucket works great for hydrating a 10,000 Gellet pack.

    Don't worry about using too much water. You cannot overhydrate your Gellets™.

    Store hydrated Gellets in an airtight container, away from the elements and direct sunlight.

    How do I store my Gellets®?

    Hydrated Gellets® will last up to 2 weeks in an airtight container. Fully submerge the Gellets® in water for storage of up to 3 months. Keep dehydrated Gellets® dry until ready to use.

    What is a Gel Blaster

    The next evolution of fun! Gel Blasters are new revolutionary blasters that blast water based Gellets®.

    Gellets® are colorful absorbent beads that disintegrate on contact and begin their dehydration process.

    What does it feel like?

    Provides just enough sting to make it exciting! It feels like getting hit with a rubber band—a quick, minor sting. You probably won't even notice because you'll be too busy laughing.

    Do they leave a stain or residue?

    Nope! Gel Blasters blast eco-safe Gellets®. Gellets® are small, colorful, water-based beads. When Gellets disintegrate on impact, they begin to dehydrate, meaning in time, all evidence of battle is gone!

    How far do they Blast?

    The Gel Blaster Surge blasts up to 100ft (30m), although we recommend playing at close range. It's much more fun.

    Is this just like airsoft or paintball?

    Yes and no. Less pain. Less prep. Less mess. Same fun!

    Gel Blasters differ from airsoft or paintball in that they don't leave behind any mess, are eco-friendly and non-toxic, require less prep, and are less painful (but still sting just enough to keep it exciting!). We promise they're just as much fun, if not more.

    How long do Gellets® last?

    Gellets® last indefinitely when dehydrated, and up to 3 months when submerged in water.

    Are Gel Blasters safe?

    Yes. As opposed to some water bead products that expand to unsafe sizes, Gellets® stop expanding at just about 7.5 mm, making them half the size of objects found to safely pass through the digestive system if they were to be consumed.  

    If you are looking for specific information regarding this, please refer Foreign Body Ingestion in Children, available at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29618175/.

    Have Gellets® been recalled?

    No. Gellets® retain a small, safe size - half the size of objects found to safely pass the digestive system, and are currently compliantly sold globally.  

    The recently recalled Chuckle & Roar water beads and the recalled WaterBalz product from 2012 both expanded to unsafe sizes.  WaterBalz expanded to the “size of a racquetball” and the Chuckle & Roar products were advertised as “jumbo.”

    Do you test your Gellets®?

    Yes. Gel Blaster brand products have undergone rigorous testing by independent third-party laboratories. These tests confirm that the Gellets® included with our products meet all safety and regulatory standards.