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    The world's first interactive smart target designed specifically for Gel Blasters!

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    Welcome to the Future of Play!

    Portal brings the excitement of video games to life with a fun, interactive Smart Target experience. Hone your Gel Blaster skills with a variety of challenges, or go all out with your friends for the ultimate backyard battle! Who will get the highest score?


    What is a Smart Target?

    Variety of Game Modes

    Have fun with a variety of skill games and challenges!

    Track Scores with the App

    An integrated mobile app gives you access to different game modes and tracks your stats!

    Single & Multiplayer Fun

    Hone your Gel Blaster skills or challenge your friends in competitive gameplay!

    Connect Them Together

    Level up the excitement when you wirelessly connect several Portals together!

    Real Life Video Game

    Portal provides the best of both worlds—a mobile app experience that challenges your skills, and the heart-pounding excitement of real world play! The Gel Blaster Nexus app is available on Apple & Android devices.

    Get to Know the Game Modes

    Test your accuracy when two panels light up and you have to hit the right colors to win!

    Stay alert and act fast! Portal will briefly flash a color and your split-second decisions will determine your score!

    A colorful version of target practice! Hit panels to light them up in vibrant colors.

    Challenge your focus and timing when you blast as much as possible when Portal lights up.

    Panels change color when you hit them. Match all panels to the same color to score points.

    Shoot the green panels and avoid the red ones in this high-speed challenge!

    It's Time to Go Play


    Portal allows for new gameplay features to be added in future updates, creating a fun, interactive experience that evolves over time.


    It's more fun with more Portals! Go head-to-head with your friends, or play together to beat skill challenges.


    Turn it on and start blasting! With several mounting options and a built-in stand, Portal can go anywhere you play.

    Get Yours Now!


    • Bluetooth Enabled

    • Integrated Mobile App

    • 6 Game Modes

    • Works with all Blasters


    Electric Green
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      Money Back Guarantee

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      Shipping & Returns

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      By Millions of Customers

    • So Much Fun

      for Everyone!

    Portal Battle Packs

    Save when you grab a Battle Pack bundle, because more Portals are more fun!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I connect the Portal Smart Target to my phone?

    Yes, you can connect the Portal Smart Target to your phone via Bluetooth. You can download the Portal app from the App Store or Google Play to access additional features and settings.

    What devices are supported for the App?

    Coming soon

    Can Portal Smart Target be played without the app?

    Absolutely! You can play the target in the default mode. Turn on your smart target and wait for the lights to blink white. Shoot any pad to enter the play mode, and then you can start shooting the different pads and match the colors!
    What type of batteries does the Portal Smart Target use?

    Yes it requires 4 AA batteries (not included with the portal), but you can also connect your Portal using the USB-C charging cable.

    How long do the batteries last in the Portal Smart Target?

    The battery life depends on the brand and quality of the batteries you use. On average, you can expect 8-12 hours of gameplay with high-quality batteries.

    What should I do if my app is not detecting any targets?

    Ensure that your Portal Smart Target is turned on and the LED lights are blinking white. Make sure that your smartphone's Bluetooth is turned on and the app is granted permission to access it. Make sure that your smartphone is within range of the Portal Smart Target. Try resetting the Portal Smart Target by turning it off and on again. If none of the above steps work, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

    Can I connect more than one target to the App?
    Yes, you can connect multiple target to the App so you can enhance the different game modes from the app.
    Does Portal work with any blaster?
    Yes! Portal works with any gel ball blaster, although we tend to love Gel Blaster the most ;)